Ontario will lose 355,000 jobs in 2020, the largest single decline on record

Toronto-Ontario’s financial monitoring agency said the province lost more than 355,000 jobs last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Financial Responsibility Officer said in a new report today that the number of unemployed people is the biggest annual drop on record.
The report said that in addition to unemployment, there are more than 765,000 Ontario residents who have reduced their working hours due to the pandemic.
The largest increase in unemployment was in Peterborough, Ontario, which fell by 13.5%, while Windsor, Ontario, fell by 10.9%.
In 1959, three armed men broke into the University of Montreal and stole the entire supply of polio vaccine-75,000 vials, worth $50,000. What have we learned from this event?
The two countries said on Sunday that Indian and Chinese troops had withdrawn from a lake area on the disputed border in the western Himalayas, preparing for the disengagement at other points of friction. Since April, thousands of soldiers have been facing off at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) or de facto border, including the glacier Pangong Tso Lake. On Saturday, the two commanders met to review the retreat.
(NASA reported via the Associated Press) For many people, the term “astronaut food” conjures images of dehydrated applesauce and frozen ice cream dragged along with it to Earth in space. But in the relatively near future, nutritious foods grown in space may become the menu of astronauts. In order to anticipate future missions to the moon, Mars and beyond, space agencies such as NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, as well as the “Canada Impact Program” of the Office of the Privy Council, launched the “Deep Space Food Challenge.” This is a call to researchers, scientists and other innovators to develop a food production system that will enable astronauts to grow their own food during long-term deep space missions. When space agencies focus their energy on human exploration of the moon, the challenge comes. Matt Bancy, senior project manager of the Canadian Space Agency, said that one of the main difficulties in providing fresh food to astronauts is that the mission does not have unlimited power to grow agricultural products, and they do not generate a lot of waste. He said: “Yes, we can bring a lot of pre-packaged food, but people are worried about whether the nutritional value will be maintained during this time.” For tasks that may last for several years, a reliable food production system provides astronauts with Safe and nutritious food is the key-reducing the need to supplement food from the earth is also key. Bansi said: “Imagine a crew of six astronauts on a three-year mission.” “You need to bring a lot of food. Therefore, if we can have food that the astronauts can produce on the spot. Production technology, that will help us reduce launches into space.” Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques (David Saint-Jacques) fills the reservoir at the Veggie Ponds facility in the Columbus capsule of the International Space Station. As missions go deep into space, new food production systems will be needed to sustain the lives of astronauts for a long time. Here in Canada, the brainstorming phase of the challenge starts on January 12, 2021. Academic institutions, companies and individuals can come up with an idea to meet the challenge. The second stage-a kitchen demonstration, requiring qualified teams to build prototypes and produce food samples-will be promoted to the next level of teams in the fall. Tackling the radiation risks in deep space Mark Lefsrud and his team of about 50 students (collectively referred to as the Martlet team or the McGill Advanced biological regeneration kit for long-distance travel) are competing. Lefsrud, an associate professor in the Department of Bioresource Engineering at McGill University, helped develop the advanced plant habitat on the International Space Station, where astronauts planted crops such as short wheat. One of the main considerations for astronauts performing deep space missions is radiation exposure, which can cause cell and tissue damage and increase the astronaut’s risk of cancer, neurogenic diseases and premature aging. Radiation risks increase beyond the low earth orbit of the International Space Station, and the upper limit of this area is limited to approximately 1,000 kilometers above the earth’s surface. Watches | Challenges faced by innovators working on the deep space food challenge: High-antioxidant foods can help mitigate this risk. As missions deal with travel across low-Earth orbits, astronauts can increase their intake of fresh foods rich in antioxidants to protect themselves. Leifsruder said that by adding certain compounds in the diet, such as lutein, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lycopene, “astronauts have a beneficial effect on protecting themselves from radiation stress.” A major factor is taste. Astronauts must actually eat what is growing in space. Lefsrud said: “If we can force the astronauts to eat kale all the time, it is actually very beneficial.” “The difficulty is that people don’t like to eat kale so much, so the problem is that we can choose other delicious plants. Is it?” NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough floats on the International Space Station with red lettuce. He said that ideally, the system should also have a certain degree of automation. That’s because astronauts don’t always manage crops at the station. Bansi said: “We are looking for more than just a backyard grandmother or grandfather’s garden here.” “We hope [can] take some steps to help feed our grandchildren on and beyond the earth.” We can too. The Naurvik project, a food production system used on earth, is a collaboration between the Gjoa Haven community, the Arctic Research Foundation, Canadian Agriculture and Agrifood, the National Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Space Agency. A community-led food production system in Nunavut provides a low-input, high-yield technology model for agricultural production in harsh environments. The Naurvik Greenhouse in Gjoa Haven is a hydroponic containerization station where community technicians have been growing sustainable fresh food since October 2019. The station is not currently part of the “Deep Space Food Challenge”, but it is an independent initiative, and the space agency said it can be used as a model for deep space missions. Naurvik technician Betty Kogvik grows agricultural products year-round, harvests romaine lettuce, red peppers and cherry tomatoes, and delivers them to the elderly in the community. Any remaining products will be shipped to the workplace or school. She told CBC News on the phone: “This is really helpful for children.” “We always bring something to elementary and high school.” Currently, Kogvik and other Naurvik technicians are growing broccoli. They plan to start making strawberry patches in a few months. Betty Kogvik, a technician in Naurvik, grows fresh produce and delivers it to senior citizens and schools in the Gjoa Haven community. Naurvik can use green energy (such as solar and wind energy) to successfully operate in 24-hour darkness and 24-hour sunlight. Adrian Schimnowski, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations of the Arctic Research Foundation, said it can also withstand various temperatures. He told CBC News: “The project is a very good stepping stone. It shows the possibilities and raises many questions. It provides us with tips and ideas on how to work in space.” Schimnowski said, the same can be passed Reduce food supply chain shortages and help increase the yield of food production in extreme environments or resource scarce situations, and provide these technologies to other communities living in harsh environments to improve food security. Bansi said: “We hope that the innovations derived from this challenge will bring scientific and technological benefits as well as food production benefits to Canada’s daily life.” “We are looking for solutions that will truly enable us to move forward. The program allows us to grow food in space, which can also benefit us on Earth.” The challenge is expected to end in the spring of 2024, when the Canadian award winner will be announced. NASA’s Artemis program also aims to land “the first woman and the next man” on the moon by then.
Brampton, Ontario A 29-year-old man from Brampton, Ontario faces charges of attempted murder after allegedly attacking his mother over the weekend. Peel area police said they were called to the family home on Saturday afternoon after receiving a report of harassment. They said they found a woman stabbed at home. She was taken to the hospital in stable condition. The police accused the woman’s son of escaping his home on foot and was arrested later that day. He now faces one count of attempted murder and three counts of violation of probation. The Canadian News Agency report was first published on February 21, 2021.
Jean Langelier of Emerging Markets and the Mausoleum of the New Century, FIDEL de La Matanie, Director of Innovative Biological Development, and the first direct biological director: development economist Développement Économique Matanie. «Je suistrès, trèsheureux», the relationship in public relations «Participation in the commemoration of the concert. Je Pense que larégionva se donner un outil pourcréerplus d’emploi et de la richesse. The content of Alors je suistrès. »DEM et L’économie daily newspaper. «Promote and promote the restoration of human nature. »Jean Langelier n’a pas voulu donner davantage dedétails (Jean Langelier n’a pas voulu donner davantage dedétails), organized by the MRC de la Mtanie foundation in La Matanie, has a place in the local economic development. Claudie Arseneault, Mon Matane Local Press Initiative
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(Fred Chatland/Canadian Press) The Prime Minister is expected to announce a new procedure this week to elect the Governor to succeed Julie Payette. Julie Payette resigned exactly a month ago. Toxic” and “poisoned” workplaces. Dominic LeBlanc, president of the Queen’s Privy Council, said that the government is aware of the importance of choosing “outstanding Canadians” for this post and said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) There will be more to say in the next few days. LeBron told Rosemary Barton Live on Sunday morning: “There is no doubt that we think the Chief Justice will be the Chief Executive Constitutionalism is something that should not last for months and months. “I hope that in the next week, we will have something to say about speeding up the process, because we recognize that we need to act quickly to choose Mrs. Payette’s successor. Trudeau said last month that after new criticisms of his way of choosing Payette to take up the post, the review process will be more robust. He chose a personal position instead of using the former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s advisory board. Procedures to recommend suitable candidates. The opposition party is working hard to be part of the selection process and suggested that Trudeau be popular in the celebrity status of former astronaut Payette. CBC News reported in September that Trudeau Many offices failed to check with at least two major past employers before appointing Payette, which may indicate that she received approximately $200,000 in severance pay after she resigned from the Montreal Science Center in 2016 due to complaints about her treatment. According to multiple sources, she also left the Canadian Olympic Committee in 2017 after conducting two internal investigations (including verbal harassment) of the staff’s treatment. Payette and her deputy Assunta Di Lorenzo said After receiving an encouraging report on workplace reviews, he resigned on January 21. In a CBC News report seven months ago, twelve confidential sources claimed that Payette was degraded, accused and Publicly humiliated, the Privy Council Office (PCO) triggered a third-party review to hire Quintet Consulting. Di Lorenzo was also accused of bullying employees. The report stated that workplace investigators interviewed 92 people, most of whom described The experience of “taking into account objectively”. Fewer than 10 participants described positive or neutral feelings about the work environment. Quintet recorded “yelling, screaming, aggressive behavior, demeaning comments, and public insults Allegations” prompted 13 patients who participated in the evaluation to take sick leave and 17 to leave the office altogether. According to multiple sources, CBC News also reported that the content removed from the report was a claim that Payette’s aggressive behavior included disobedience with employees. Welcome physical contact, which makes some employees feel threatened. The goal of the independent report is to determine the scope of the problem. The author of the report did not try to discover the facts. The document depends only on the interviewee’s report. Rido Hall ( Rideau Hall confirmed that as of the end of January, it had paid a total of the legal service fees paid to the hired law firm Blakes and the former Justice Michel Bastarache of the Supreme Court of Canada. C$165,000 plus tax was spent in connection with workplace reviews. PCO’s contract with Quintet also cost more than $390,000. Watch | LeBron says the governor’s general selection process may be completed next week: new unedited report released PCO released a new version of the edited report on Saturday night, stating that third-party consultations are now complete and several pages of the report can be unedited. The new unedited page shows that Blake caused people Concerns about “inadequate procedural fairness” and “perception of political interference” have delayed the review process. On October 1, 2020, Blakes wrote to Quinet and the Privy Council office, arguing that Rideau Hall should have the opportunity to provide background information on the allegations, and stated that the agency recently ” It has undergone major structural changes, including a significant impact on the office space, and increased emphasis on performance improvement.” The law firm wrote: “Changes in office operations usually cause concerns and complaints. Therefore, recent and substantial changes make Situational review is particularly important.” Blakes also argued that Rideau Hall employees had a statement about the workplace environment that predated Payette’s tenure. In 2014, a public service employment survey found that 18% of employees responded that they were victims of harassment at work, while the 2017 survey found that this number rose to 19%. Maclean’s magazine reported that during Payette’s tenure, Rideau Hall was rated as the most harassed person in public service. The survey found that 22% of the respondents who worked in Rideau Hall claimed to have been harassed, down from 25% in 2018-still the third highest level of harassment reported by any federal department or agency. The law firm submitted a chart containing steps the office took to change the working environment. Blakes also writes that in minority governments, a review process that is considered “moderate to high risk” may be “vulnerable to attack because it promotes political interference in independent government agencies.” Blakes wrote: “If there is no Properly balanced consideration and the lack of procedural protection measures against allegations will likely arouse people’s perception of political interference.” Trullo said in January this year that he would do what he would do when the new governor was after the dispute over Payette’s mission selection The approval process is more robust. The Privy Council’s office rejected the law firm’s request for change. PCO responded that Blake should have never contacted the Quintet, which caused confusion and delayed the review. PCO Assistant Deputy Minister Daniel (Daniel) wrote: “We ask you not to do this anymore; this letter you sent has caused us to ask for clarification on the role of Quintet Consulting, which has caused a delay in the process.” Luxi said. , “There seems to be a misunderstanding” of this process. The purpose of this review is to conduct a “factual investigation” rather than a “formal investigation.” Therefore, the review will “not cause any procedural fairness issues,” Blakes outlined in the letter. PCO also rejected the idea that there was a “risk of political interference” and stated that in view of the concerns raised by the media, PCO hired an independent third-party auditor to ensure that it provided “professional non-partisan advice”. The department also suggested that the law firm’s comments seem to make Rideau Hall independent of the government, but it is part of the government and must comply with the policies of the Finance Committee. Lucy wrote: “Although the concerns you raised in your letter have been taken seriously, we believe that the procedures presented will not help Quintet Consulting to conduct an effective and timely review.” Payette insisted from the beginning. , She attaches great importance to harassment in the workplace. When she resigned, she wrote in a statement: “Everyone has the right to a healthy and safe working environment at any time and anywhere.” “The Governor’s Office does not always seem to be the case. There has been tension in the Rideau Hall in the past few months. I’m sorry about the situation.” We have all experienced different experiences, but we should always try to do better and pay attention to each other’s views… in respect of the integrity of my Vice-Governor’s House and our country and our In terms of the benefits of democracy, I concluded that the new governor can watch the full episode of Rosemary Barton Live on CBC’s streaming service CBC Gem.
(Submitted by Dylan Clark) According to a government website tracking COVID-19 cases, a new case of COVID-19 has been detected in Arviat, Nunavut. Three restorations were also reported, bringing the total number of active cases in the community to 28. This is the only place in Nunavut that has a case of COVID-19 activity. In the last nine days of last year, the community reported new cases due to the broader outbreak that began in November last year. From late December to late January, there were no new cases reported for about a month. But since then, dozens of new cases have been discovered. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 295 COVID-19 cases have been reported in the community. A resident died of this disease. On Friday, the chief public health officer of Nunavut, Dr. Michael Patterson (Michael Patterson) pleaded with residents not to spend the weekend visiting relatives and friends. He said in the press release: “The most important thing is that Arviammiut does not go out of the door, keep his body estranged, and wear a mask when outside the home.” Currently, travel in and out of small villages is limited to people traveling for emergency or basic purposes. Health authorities require anyone who has been visiting since January 12 to self-isolate and monitor symptoms. The community currently has access to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, but the region has not disclosed how many people have been vaccinated. The community has conducted nearly 2500 COVID-19 tests. Nunavummiut who suspects that they may have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please call the COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-975-8601 between 10 am and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time, or notify them immediately Community health center and immediately quarantined at home for 14 days.
Emily Musing from the University Health Network said in an interview with Rosemary Barton Live (Rosemary Barton Live) that its Toronto area COVID-19 vaccination clinic is exciting and delightful.
Athens, Greece-The famous Greek actor and director Dimitris Lignadis appeared in the Athens court on Sunday and did not respond until Wednesday. A magistrate charged multiple rape cases. The court authorities said that he will remain in prison until then. The local court and prosecutors will jointly decide whether to detain him or release him before trial. According to court sources, Lignadis was accused of being raped by two minors during the 2010 and 2015 incidents. He denied any wrongdoing. The 56-year-old Lignadis resigned on February 6 as the artistic director of the National Theatre of Greece, after reports that he behaved. In the past month, there have been more and more accusations of sexual harassment and rape against several famous actors, directors and officials in Greece, which has caused the #MeToo moment in Greece. The first person to speak was Olympic gold medalist Sofia Bekatorou, who accused an official of the Greek Sailing Federation of raping her in 1998. Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said on Friday that she has asked the Supreme Court prosecutor to investigate allegations of rape and harassment. In the theater community. The opposition accused her of trying to cover Linadis, who was appointed by the current conservative government in 2019. Demetris Nellas, Associated Press
Ontario today reported 1087 new COVID-19 cases and 13 new deaths related to the virus. Health Secretary Christine Elliott said this number includes 344 new cases in Toronto, 156 in Peel and 122 in York. When the York region returns to the province’s pandemic response plan coded in red on Monday, Monday’s whole-house orders will be cancelled. But Elliott said on Twitter this morning, “Returning to the framework does not mean returning to the ordinary.” The provincial framework stipulates that most retailers operating in the red zone must limit customers to 50% of normal capacity. , And face-to-face gatherings can only accommodate up to 5 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. Only Toronto, Peel and North Bay Parry Sound health departments have been on full-time alternate orders across the province. Senior public health officials in Toronto and Peel have called for measures to extend the daily case count for two weeks, and North Bay is working to resolve the problem of a surge in cases related to the COVID-19 mutation first detected in the UK. Data on Sunday showed that there are currently 660 hospitalized patients due to COVID-19, down from 699 the day before. But the province said that more than 10% of hospitals did not submit data, which is common on weekends. The province said that 277 patients received intensive care, of which 181 were examined on a ventilator and nearly 48,200 tests were completed. Eliot added that as of Saturday night, Ontario had received 556,533 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The report reported by Canada was first published on February 21, 2021.
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Calgary-A mother whose family has been struggling financially and emotionally, thanks to a pet charity that helped pay for medical care for her injured cat during a particularly dark period. Shannon Miller said her 18-year-old son Jordan has just completed chemotherapy for a rare form of bone and soft tissue cancer. In an interview with Canadian media, Miller said: “It’s crazy. It was a terrible year.” Her 14-year-old son, Josh, suffers from anxiety and has been working hard to treat his brother’s illness. Miller said that Josh asked his feline friend Nala for emotional support, but she needed expensive surgery to repair a hip fracture. “Nara has always been his absolute comfort. When he felt anxious, he stroked her and slept with her. Even now, she is confined in a tunnel in our living room, and he is sleeping in our living room. , Because he can’t sleep without Nara.” Miller and her husband are both unemployed due to COVID-19. She said that the help of friends and GoFundMe activities were not enough to pay for the vet. Melissa David, the founder of the pet parachute, said: “When she calls me…I will tell her to crash.” The company provides subsidized pet care, including food, to pet owners in need. Basket and medical services. David said Miller was worried about the impact of the family’s loss of the cat on her son. David said: “That’s his mental health.” Miller said that Nara seemed to have to be euthanized. She said: “We thought we had to put her down for three days, and Josh cried everything he did. He was ruined. That was not a good time,” “Now he is excited. Just overjoyed. For For a teenage boy, being overjoyed means something.” David started to provide 25 to 30 gift baskets per month last year. In December last year, after she received a letter from the children and asked Santa to help their pets instead of bringing Christmas gifts, the monthly demand surged to more than 600 baskets. After 4,000 responses in three days, including 35 social workers from Canada, there is clearly more work to be done. David said: “Canada currently does not have any plans to help children remove pets from their homes. They have contacted many children’s agencies.” “It is clear that we need programs dedicated to helping children keep pets.” David said, The first step was in April, with the help of Mikael Backlund at the Calgary Flame Center. The NHL player lost his dog Lily earlier this year, and Lily’s legacy campaign will urge the public to buy Easter hampers for children and pets in need. “This is entirely to help the child who is going to be separated from the pet. We will work to help this child and this pet-whether it’s leashes, collars, veterinary care, vaccines, permits…until they continue on their own.” Backlund, who has donated ice hockey tickets to the charity, said that losing Lily is difficult for him and his wife, and he is happy to help. He said: “We think it would be a good idea to do a good thing in the name of our little princess.” “This is a good way to start with the Easter basket…and help these kids keep pets and hope to raise some money, So that we can continue the program.” Volunteer Kelly MacQuarrie has been transporting pets for charity with the help of her six-year-old son Camden. She said: “He loves animals, he loves animals. He thinks it might be sad for some children to be unable to raise pets.” Camden said that he prefers ginger kittens, and he understands why he wants to transport baskets for pets. “Because they need food or they may die. Helping pets is a good thing.” David said that she hopes the charity will expand to all parts of the country in the next three years to bring children and pets together. “It is heartbreaking to think that so many children have gone through this experience without help.” The Canadian News Agency report was first released on February 21, 2021. —Follow @BillGraveland on Twitter, Bill Graveland of Canadian News Agency
According to excerpts from the UN report seen by Reuters, Eric Prince, the personal security executive and supporter of former US President Donald Trump, “at least” helped evade the arms embargo on Libya. The UN independent sanctions watchdog accused the prince of proposing a private military operation to Libya’s Eastern Commander, Halifa Haftar in April 2019-known as a “project operation,” and helping to purchase for it Three airplanes.
French BLAUSASC-Canadian driver Michael Woods won the runner-up in the three-day Tour de France-Marina and Duval on Sunday. Dian Gianluca Brambilla beat Italy in 13 seconds. People on the podium. Woods entered the final day of the game after winning the second stage on Saturday, and he was five seconds behind in the overall rankings. Dutch driver Bauke Mollema rides Trek-Segafredo together with Brambilla, ranking third. In his first game in the colors of the Israeli start-up national team, Woods was 13 seconds behind Brambilla in Sunday’s game. The 34-year-old man from Ottawa said: “I’m disappointed that I can’t keep the yellow jersey.” “But in general, I can’t complain. The team participated in a great race.” Woods was in the first stage on Friday. Fourth place. The Canadian News Agency report was published by the Canadian News Agency on February 21, 2021.
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Le Royaume-Uni’s Suite Suite d’une campagnelancée’s application form for an internal interoperability certificate on iTunes
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said a man died on Saturday after his car turned over while trying to drive out of the ditch on Highway 1. on Saturday. When the police arrived, they found emergency personnel at the scene, trying to save the life of the 63-year-old man. A STARS air ambulance was sent to help, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said their preliminary investigation found that the man drove his car out of the ditch between the eastbound and westbound lanes of Highway 1 while trying to drive his car off Highway 1. After the police investigation, a highway 1 lane leading to the east and west was closed for several hours. A press release from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated that the highway reopened at around 6 pm Central Standard Time. Qu’Appelle, an RCMP traffic reconstruction expert from Weben, and the Saskatchewan Coroner Service also attended the scene. The police said the investigation is still ongoing.
(Bernard Lebel/Radio Canada file photo) A nursing home in Edmundston is reporting its sixth death because it continues to respond to the month-long COVID-19 outbreak. According to the Ministry of Public Health, as of Friday, Manoir Belle Vue has confirmed 92 cases, including 51 residents and 41 staff. The facility declared dead in a statement on Facebook this morning, and stated that deaths had occurred in recent days. It also reported two new cases involving residents in the previous round of testing. New Brunswick confirmed that another COVID-19 death occurred in the province on Sunday afternoon. WorkSafe New Brunswick (WorkSafe New Brunswick) recently inspected Manoir Belle Vue and found “blanks” in its pandemic action plan. There was no fine, and the province did not provide specific details. After a 14-day incubation period, new COVID-19 cases continue to be detected. The virus has been confirmed in other nursing homes in the Edmundston area, which returned to the orange stage at midnight on Thursday. In addition to announcing the death of COVID-19 on the 25th on Sunday, the province also reported 4 new cases of the virus and 3 additional recoveries. There are 87 cases in New Brunswick. Two patients are in the hospital and one of them is in intensive care. There is a new case in Moncton, a person in his 20s. Public health says this is related to travel. There are three new cases in the Edmundston area, including two people under 19 and one in their 30s. Most of the active cases in New Brunswick are still concentrated in Edmonston and Great Falls (District 4), where there are 73 cases. According to Sunday’s update, there are 8 active cases in the Moncton area (District 1). There are 3 in St. John’s District (District 2), 1 in Fredericton District (District 3), 1 in Bathurst District (District 6), Miramichi District (District 7) There is one. The Campbellton area (District 5) is the only area in the province where no active cases have been reported. Since the start of the pandemic, New Brunswick has confirmed a total of 1,424 COVID-19 cases and 1,311 have recovered. Public Health conducted 223,595 tests, including 606 tests on Saturday. Flight exposure New Brunswick Public Health reported that the February 8 flight may be exposed to COVID-19. Passengers on the following flights should self-monitor symptoms and check for symptoms: Air Canada Flight 8906-When leaving from Montreal to Moncton at 7:10 pm, what to do if symptoms occur. People concerned may have symptoms of COVID-19 , You can conduct self-assessment tests online. Public health said that the symptoms of people with COVID-19 include: fever above 38°C. New cough or worsening of chronic cough. sore throat. Runny nose. headache. New fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell. Difficulty breathing. In children, symptoms also include purple spots on the fingers and toes. People with one of these symptoms should: Stay at home. Call Tele-Care 811 or their doctor. Describe symptoms and travel history. Follow the instructions.
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Cairo-A government spokesman said that a convoy of Libya’s UN-backed government Interior Minister was attacked in the capital Tripoli on Sunday. Amin Hashmi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Tripoli, said that armed men shot and wounded at least one guard in a convoy of Fathi Bashagha on a highway in Tripoli. He said that Basagha survived the attack and his guards chased the attacker, killed one and detained the other two. Earlier on Sunday, Bashagha met Mustafa Sanalla, the head of the Libyan National Petroleum Corporation, to discuss the safety of oil facilities and how to strengthen the independence of oil companies to “ensure a fair distribution of wealth among all Libyans”. No organization claimed responsibility for the attack, which highlights the insecurity in North African counties. The US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, condemned the attack and called for an investigation to hold the perpetrators accountable. Noland said: “Minister Bashaga’s efforts to eliminate the influence of rogue militias have our full support.” Oil-rich Libya fell into chaos because the NATO-backed uprising in 2011 was overthrown and killed the longtime dictator Gaddafi . The country is divided into two governments, one in the East and the other in the West. Each government is backed by a large number of militias and foreign forces. Earlier this month, a United Nations selection agency composed of Libyan people on both sides appointed an interim government, composed of a three-person presidential council and prime minister, to lead the country in elections scheduled for December 24. After the end of the prime minister’s post, Abdul Hamid Mohamed Debeba was finally elected as the prime minister of the transitional cabinet. The forum also elected Mohammad Younes Menfi, a Libyan diplomat from the east of the country, to lead the presidential committee. Associated Press Samy Magdy
Throughout the summer, Rebel News played a videotape of Mayor Patrick Brown on an indoor skating rink at the Earnscliffe Entertainment Center in Brampton, without a mask. The August 4 video showed Brown standing next to a hockey bag with his name posted on it. Rebel journalist David Menzies was with the photographer. At that time, someone revealed to the media that Brown would attend the stadium every week to play hockey with his friends, but the public was banned from the pandemic. Under the limit of the game. The camera finally zoomed in on Brown, and in the video Menzies was seen asking the mayor. He was standing next to the bag with his name on it, which was full of equipment, if he was playing games there. Brown looked surprised, and sent some azzs, and then said that he was just there to check the facilities. Brown claimed that the hockey bag containing the equipment was not his name. Videos taken by Rebel News in the next few weeks and subsequent videos show that Brown playing hockey on the court has become all the rage, garnering thousands of views. On YouTube and other social media, Brown has been widely criticized for playing hockey with friends, while children and others are not allowed to do so. Prior to this, the mayor had visited social media many times, asking residents to keep distance from society and respect instructions to avoid possible spread of the virus in the community. Rebel News, through lawyer Aaron Rosenberg, filed a complaint against Brown’s conduct to Brompton’s Commissioner of Corruption Muneeza Sheikh. It pointed out that Brown “may have violated” many of the rules in the New York City Code of Conduct, including Article 4 (Use of City Property), Article 7 (Improper Use of Influence), and Article 15 (Disposable Behavior) And Article 18 (Failure to follow the municipal council policies and procedures). The complaint also indicated that Brown may have violated New York City’s mandatory facial masking laws a few days after watching the video, provincial reopening guidelines, and may have participated in amending the rules, outlining the use of city facilities by citizens on the New York City website . Rebel news. Sheikh ruled that Brown did not violate any aspect of the code of conduct she was allowed to consider. She was unable to investigate whether Brown violated the provincial restrictions or Brampton’s mask ordinance, because these were not under her jurisdiction. She said her task is to monitor issues that apply to the Code of Conduct, City Regulations, and procedures involving the ethical behavior of board members. She wrote in the report that she is not responsible for checking whether the council members have violated the law or violated city regulations that are not related to the Code of Conduct. “My conclusion is that I can infer that if Mayor Brown violated the Mask Act, the Emergency Order and/or ordered changes to the website, he will also violate the aforementioned Code. It is not clear why she excluded The application of Rules 7 and 15 of the Code of Conduct, which prevent board members from using improper influence and acting in shameful ways. The provincial framework shows that indoor recreational activities are restricted in Phase 2 and are restricted to amateur or professional athletes Use. Melee games are not allowed. The framework says: “Except for indoor practice ranges and gun clubs, indoor entertainment is not allowed. Nevertheless, Brown admitted that he had been playing hockey in the arena since late June. The video taken about six weeks later clearly recorded the game being played. Sheikh hinted in the report that certain types are allowed in Ontario. Before using the indoor facilities of the city, it is not her jurisdiction to investigate whether the city government opened the arena. For example, what she can check is whether Brown abused his power to open his arena. Given that the focus of the complaint was on August 4 (the city at the time) In the third stage), she believes that the city allowed all residents to rent out the stage for private use that day. But Brown admitted that he has been with friends since June 24, when the city was still in the second stage of restrictions. Use the facility. It is not clear why Brown played the game in the second stage. At that time, the use of indoor facilities was extremely limited and the ice rink was not open for public use. Sheikh did not address this issue in her report. Sheikh also accepted Brown’s position, Brown is not playing hockey there, but just to “meet his friends.” But this is not what he claims in the video, which captures him saying that he is there “just to check our facilities.” The film Earlier in China, a well-equipped player was asked where Brown is. The man told Menzies: “He hasn’t shown up yet. “Menzies then asked the mayor if it was in progress. The player said. But Sheikh said that she watched the Rebel News video and she chose not to accept the content in the video, but accepted what Brown told her in an interview during the investigation. Content. The report stated that if Brown was playing games there, he would show up before the start of the group’s ice game. Brown claimed that a friend had borrowed his name bag. Sheikh said that she confirmed this to that friend. However, this is not what Brown said at the time. At the time, Brown claimed that he must often give the bag to someone because he often receives a hockey bag. This is unreasonable because the business card on the bag is removable and inserted. In the plastic card, it’s not clear why anyone kept Brown’s removable business card. Despite the key evidence, Sheikh did not include the person’s name in the report, nor did he explain why the hockey bag sitting next to Brown in the video It was full of equipment, and all the other players were already there. Playing on the ice. Sheikh did not explain why this friend put a bag of equipment with Brown’s name next to the ice while the others were already playing. As Sheikh told Menzies in the video, there is nowhere in Sheikh’s report that Brown was there to inspect the facility. She also did not mention the name of the staff who accompanied Brown and brought him to the arena that day, although He was the main witness but did not appear to have been interviewed. The only complaint Brown agreed was that he did not wear a mask when he entered the facility on August 4. The head of law enforcement and regulatory services claimed at the time that Brown did not need to wear a mask if a facility It was rented for private purposes, and Sheikh accepted this request in the report. After reviewing the New York City mask ordinance and its amendments, the guidelines could not determine the situation. Regulation 135-2020 stipulates that all public places must be worn Masks include “indoor communities, sports and recreational facilities, and clubs.” People engaged in sports or fitness activities do not need to wear masks, as long as their activities are within the emergency order. There is no mention of private gatherings. In Sheikh In the report, Morrison said that if Brown was in the building on August 4 and was a participant, then he would not have to wear a mask. Brown repeated in Sheikh’s report that he would not be there that day. Competition. It’s not clear why Sheikh accepted this suggestion, but used Morrison’s mask that only applies to “participants.” Article 12(7) of the by-law also stipulates that employees of municipalities Masks are not allowed in non-public places. Morrison confirmed this in Sheikh’s report and pointed out that “if Mayor Brown is not a participant, but an employee or agent of Brampton, Then Mayor Brown does not need to wear a mask. Throughout Sheikh’s investigation, Brown did not declare that he had been there as an employee. He said that he “visited his friends before going back to the next scheduled event.” “On August 8, the day Rebel Media released Brown’s video, the New York City website made the following statement on the facility regulations: “The arena is open to members/main user groups for figure skating and ice hockey training and improvements. Gameplay. After the video spread quickly on the 8th Saturday (that is, Saturday), the wording on the webpage was changed on the Sunday one day later. The updated webpage read: “In order to protect the safety of the community and prevent the spread of COVID-19, Lampton Recreation Center (sic) city and indoor facilities are not open for walk-in public use. The arena is open for figure skating and ice hockey training/improved gameplay. The complaint included the obvious cover-up of the facts by changing prescribed rules that would forgive Brown’s use on the grounds that Brown might abuse his power. Sheikh called the evidence of such changes to the website to cover Brown’s actions “indirect.” At the time, New York City The spokesperson told The Pointer that New York City will regularly update its website to reflect any changes to New York City facilities. The day after the video was released, someone made changes to the website on a Sunday. The complaint did not include the page. The revisions coincided with Brown’s excuses. Sheikh accepted a statement in which Brown said he did not require changes to the website in this way. Sheikh pointed out that she could not check whether Brown violated any provisions in the New York City Code of Conduct , Because the complainant did not provide a “reasonable and possible basis” for how Brown’s behavior violated the Code. “When providing the minimum details and implied infringements due to the violation of this Code, the Integrity Commissioner has no responsibility to attempt to file a feasible complaint. The ambiguity and defects of the complaint inevitably affected my decision. Sheikh said that the inference of the complaint is that “if skating in public places is not allowed on August 4, the only reason for Mayor Brown to do so is if he abuses his power to obtain ice time” or “improper influence on the city.” Sheikh really believes that Brown’s best to wear a mask in the arena. “Modeling this kind of socially conscious behavior on his friends and acquaintances, as well as any urban workers who may have become urban workers, is A small matter. Now. Although he did not use the “model” standard as instructed by the “Code of Conduct”, she did not believe that failing to show “model” behavior would violate any rules. She did not adopt the “Code” prohibiting shameful behavior in the investigation results, although There is all evidence that Brown has changed his story. Although he claims that he is still playing hockey on the field and that he violated the current provincial rules, the report fails to explain Sheikh’s previous relationship with Brown. If this shows interest Conflict. When Brown was the party leader, Sheik’s husband’s company was paid to work for a personal computer in Ontario; when Brown faced allegations of sexual misconduct that led to his downfall from the provincial regime, she publicly defended Brown (Brown denies these allegations.) It is not clear how Sheikh, who has no experience in municipal law or served as an ICAC commissioner, got a job shortly after Brown became mayor. Legal scholar and director Duff Conacher (Duff) Conacher is in line with Democracy Watch, an expert on government accountability, that Sheikh’s relationship with Brown undermines her credibility as the Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Brampton. “The Commissioner of the Independent Commission is essentially a member of the Ethics Committee. The judge is not even biased. Her relationship with Patrick Brown crossed the line, and as a result, she would have to resign and let others act as decision-makers whether there were any complaints about him. Conacher told CBC News after being hired. Brampton’s former integrity commissioner, Guy Jono, and then Brown’s election, explained that because the two knew each other and resigned from their previous jobs together within a few weeks , The connection may be regarded as a conflict. Sheikh’s report was not discussed at the board meeting on Wednesday. The board voted to discuss matters related to the Commissioner of Independent Corruption on the board date next month, and she will be present to answer any questions. Electronic Email: nida.zafar@thepointer.com Twitter: @nida_zafar Tel: 416 890-7643 COVID-19 is affecting all Canadians. 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The Nova Scotia Community College’s “Road to Shipbuilding” program is a program that allows historically underrepresented groups in the shipbuilding industry to gain experience in the field. Tyrell Young and Macey Rolfe, two graduates of the program, welded the coin to the keel of the future HMCS William Hall.

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