How to unlock the chain winding

Everyone who runs the boat knows that the anchor is a kind of steel-made ship-stopping device. It is connected to the ship with an iron chain and thrown to the bottom of the water. Without the anchor, the ship cannot be stopped. It can be seen how much the anchor works. For the anchor chain linking the ship and the anchor, it is more important. Without the anchor chain, the anchor can not be connected with the ship, and the role of the anchor loses its meaning. Sometimes, the anchor chain between the ship and the ship will be intertwined for various reasons. How to separate them becomes the most concerned topic for the crew members.

When it comes to the problem of chain entanglement, it will often be encountered in ships. Some time ago, in Maanshan Port Area, Magang Tow 1001 is anchoring the towed 41055, 21288 two docked docks to load Shanghai mine. During the anchoring process, the two anchor chains were found to be tightly wound together. Despite many efforts, it has not been able to unravel, and the number one is waiting for loading. If the next day is not solved, the terminal plan will change the unloading type. The two reversals do not know how many days to wait for the unloading. Analysis of the reasons for the entanglement of the two ships was mainly due to the strong winds and the tidal waters before the ship turned around, causing the two anchor chains to be twisted and entangled together.
The experts first summoned the two bargeers to open the site to analyze the reasons. After understanding the details of the chain winding and the process, and carefully observing the bow of the ship, it was determined that the A 41055 barge chain was entangled on the A 21288 barge chain. Experts rely on their years of experience in dealing with the anchor chain, immediately asked the crew to drop another anchor, first stabilize the position of the ship, and then the two anchors will be detached at the same time, then hoisted, then Panasonic and then hoisted, After several round trips, the two anchor chains were separated from themselves! Immediately, they immediately notified the port that the anchor chain had been successfully released and could be unloaded at the dock. After a quarter of an hour, the port was dragged by the ship, and the two barges were successively on the dock.
In the process of double-anchor chain, the ship will have a twisted condition caused by wind and water. If a single flower or double flower occurs, we must clear it immediately. If it is not clear, then the big ship is not available. Sailing. Cleaning the chain is a very difficult job and requires some technical content. The main way is to use the tugboat to solve one by one. Let’s talk about it briefly.
1) Do a good number of cables and several shackles for hanging cables, etc. If you can put down a lifeboat to help you.
2) Twist the “force chain” to let the strands float to the water. If necessary, use a white cable to tie the knot under the strands to avoid the falling of the strands.
3) Release the hanging cable and the safety cable from the side of the ship on the side of the “Idle Chain” to connect the shackle to it. One end of the hanging cable and the safety cable are wrapped around the bollard of the ship’s head.
4) Clamp the idler chain with a special machine, then use the windlass to release the idler chain on the deck and wait until another connecting link is placed on the deck.
5) Open the connecting link, how quickly the cable can be untwisted in the chain of the rear chain, and the other end of the cable is fixed on the bollard.
6) Attach one end of the cable to the chain link on the back of the removed idle chain, the other end from the idle chain, wrap it around the other direction around the idle chain, and pull it back from the idle chain. On the reel.
7) Open the chain splicer, take back the cable, relax the cable, and let the zipper chain wrap around the force chain, and still receive the deck from the cable through the idle chain.
8) If it is a single flower, you can attach the chain link, let go of the cable and send the cable, and tighten the chain.

Post time: Apr-15-2019