Anchor Chain Swivel

The anchor design is always in development, and Ultra Marine claims that its new design is by far the best. Theo Stocker tested a 12 kg model with Ultra Flip Swivel on his Sadler 29.
At first glance, the 12kg anchor with Ultra Flip Swivel is similar to the Spade anchor, but with curves in three planes.
The upper surface is strongly bent downward towards the tip, so it can be caught and digged even on a hard, flat surface.
The fl is concave from side to side to prevent ploughing pl, and the bottom side of the uke is bent downward, and the side plate at the back makes the pen tip downward.
The hollow handle and leaded tip can hold the anchor in the correct position. The rear bumper prevents the chain from being wrapped around the handle
The tip is filled with lead to maximize tip load, while the hollow shank produces a stronger shape than a metal plate and lowers the center of gravity.
This weight distribution, coupled with the central rear crossbar to prevent fouling of the chain on the handle, eliminates the need for crossbars, which the manufacturer claims can prevent the anchor from digging deeper.
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The underside of the uke rises to the flat part of the back, and when the anchor point breaks, it allows the anchor to pivot upward.
It is only made of 316L stainless steel because the air in the hollow part cannot withstand the hot-dip galvanizing process.
We used anchors in a certain range of anchorages and simulated severe weather through a lot of power rear.
We spent the whole night on the anchor point, and through the tide changes, I also sneaked into the anchor point to understand the condition of the anchor point.
Although our normal 10kg Bruce anchor can struggle in the soft sand and weeds, the Ultra anchor almost completely buried itself and refused to drag.
On the bare rock, the anchor slid on a flat rock until the bow hit a gap, causing the ship to rise sharply.
As the tide changed, the anchor stayed in place and stopped the ship, holding the ship even under the stern.
Therefore, compared with other stainless steel anchors, Ultra’s performance fully fulfills the manufacturer’s promise.
Its ball joint is not larger than the traditional rotary joint, but much smaller than other rotary joints. Its ball joint reduces lateral force by allowing 30° movement in all directions and 360° rotation.
The flip rotary joint has a small piece on the top of the ball joint to force the anchor point to roll up correctly
It is made of CNC milled stainless steel, and its breaking strain is one ton higher than our 8mm galvanized chain.
The design of the high-strength rod enables the anchor to launch automatically and has been shown to have high resistance to resistance.
Vulcan is from the manufacturer of Rocna, but has been modified to eliminate the roll cage because it can be cumbersome to store the roll cage on a bow twill or pulpit.
It has a weighted tip, a larger concave fl and a flared trailing edge to help roll the anchor point up correctly.
It is one of the first bolts to create a concave fl and counterweight chamber to increase the tip load. It excavates quickly and has high resistance.
The spades are made of stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, and the handles can be stored separately.

Post time: Jan-20-2021